Hajia Rabi Yusuf

Green Party Candidate for Kano State House of Assembly

Rabi Yusuf Gezawa is a polio survivor and the Executive Director of Gender and Disability Inclusion Advocacy Centre (GADIAC), the treasurer of Interest Party Women Network (IPWN) and the Present National Woman Leader of the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities.

Rabi has been a Disability Right Advocate for 25 years She has worked with various state and non-state actors  including Kano State Government, DRAC, CCD, PERL, RoLac etc. to advocate for access to inclusive education, Empowerment, Access to Health care delivery system, Access to vote and be voted for, Access to have a family, Social Inclusion, Right to live, Right to drive etc. 

In 2019, Rabi under Green Party of Nigeria contested for member of Kano State House of Assembly. She also worked at GADIAC on the sensitization of persons with disabilities on the ills of vote buying and selling. Presently she is working with ACTION AGAINST HUNGER on making of social protection policy.