Lola Ogundeji

Sign language Interpreter

Ogundeji Temilola Sakirat (a.k.a Lola interpreter) is from Ibadan, Oyo State. A graduate of special education, specifically Deaf Education. Her journey to the world of the deaf and sign language interpretation started in 1986. She was an interpreter before she studied Special Education. Her first official job as an interpreter was with Nigeria breweries limited, now plc, in 1989. She was a volunteer interpreter for 18 consecutive years. Although she still interprets voluntarily when and where necessary. She worked and still working with several organizations like NNAD, JONAPWD, FORD FOUNDATION, PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL, ARFH, SFH, DFID, USAID, AAIN, UKAID, CBN, DRAC, UNDP, I.R.I, INEC, C4C, VSO, IFES, UNIFEM, THE PRESIDENCY, NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, AIT, BCOS, to mention but few.