Ms. Nonye Ogbuagu

Rights of women with albinism

Ms. Nonye Ogbuagu is a person with albinism, teacher and educator and works with Enugu state Ministry of Education.  She is very passionate about the rights of persons with albinism. She goes extra miles to protect the rights of women with albinism whose rights are violated/abused. She serves as the Assistant Coordinator of the Albino Foundation in Enugu State. She is also the National Welfare Officer of the Albino Foundation at every conferences organized by the Foundation. Since 2008, she has been fighting actively for the right of Persons with Albinism in Enugu State and beyond making sure they are well informed and educated on the plight of Persons with Albinism. Educating Persons with Albinism on how to stay sun safe, manage their vision, adapt to societal discrimination and stigmatization, educate parent on how to take care of their children with Albinism has always been her passion.